19 abr. 2012

Things I want
but will never have

I want a pink Chanel suit

Too sad this vintage jewell is sold out... And too bad I'm poor...

80s Shocking Pink Chanel Suit S

Let's pray for Primark to make a version ^_^

I also want Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan (here just a detail)
by Ilya Repin hanging from my wall.

But I guess this is a much more difficult thing to achieve... But this remind me of the first oleo painting I did in all my life... My painting teacher told me "you are ready to paint an oleo. Chose one you want to copy". And this what I chose. I have it half done (couldn't finish it, I had to quit her classes) in the attic. As soon as I move out, I will hang it in my wall ^_^

Saturno devouring his son, by Francisco de Goya.

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