22 abr. 2012

The 50's swimsuits post that ended with a surprise

The 50's swimsuits post
that ended with a surprise

Well the thing is I wanted to talk about 50's swimsuits because of all the bodysuits craziness for this summer and how cool they are.

(Picture credits: three first bodysuits by Prada, the other two by Dolce & Gabbanna)

Well, I have always loved past ages stuff, and I mean almost all ages. So, loving 50's clothes has never made me a punk rockabilly pin-up, the same way loving Middle Age has never made me a goth. I love History, I love Art History, I love old stuff. So, when at 14 I wanted a medieval dress, I made it, when I wanted 20's shoes my friends paid a lot for a pair for my birthday (years after you would be able to buy a bicolor pair of laced shoes everywhere) and when I wanted a 50's swimsuit, I made it. I even used vintage swimsuit cloth.

Then I even tryed to swim with it in a swimming pool: not-a-good-idea. It became really heavy and loose. So I never really used it again. It has been confined in my wardrobe for more than five years, and now has come his moment. Of course, under a skirt.

Now, the surprise. Well, you must know that Tippy Hedren, the tortured thief from my favourite Hitchcock's movie "Marnie", used to be a model before being an actress. And here comes my surprise, when I found her posing with a swimsuit in this picture:


I think you can't deny it's her.

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