16 abr. 2012

Carabosse Dolls

Carabosse Dolls

I have been in love with them since I saw them in a Doll's House fair when I was 14. They are the most exquisite dolls I've ever seen.

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Carabosse Dolls are craftsmanship creations made of porcelain out of original moulds by the spanish artist Maria Jose Santos. They represent, 1/12 scale, ladies of different historical periods, characters of famous ballets, films and popular fairy tales, and mythological figures.
The creation of a porcelain doll is a long and complex process that begins with a clay sculpture. From this first sculpture come the plaster molds which will form the porcelain. The porcelain pieces are polished with silk and baked at 1200°C to achieve vitrification. Enameling involves the application of six layers of china paint, with baking between each application. Costumes are based upon genuine patterns and sewn by hand using silk, organdy, and fine cotton trimmed with hand made embroidery, passementerie, lace and crochet.

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