30 abr. 2012

The Avengers
A kicking ass movie... for girls

Good, bad, naughties... Powerful boys for all tastes. For me, the best one is always Tony Stark. He's got attitude, he's got charm. Althoug, I cannot deny, Loki andCaptain America have their point too. The first one because he is quite sexy in his evilness, and the last one because... well, I guess it is pretty obvious. As my friend Maya says, "it is a movie for girls, the presence of Scarlett is merely testimonial" XD But the movie is not only fun because of the boys. It has a good rythm and is plenty of witty jokes, (Mr Whedon has never disappointed me in that matter since "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer").

And in what is sure to be the most random promotional item for the Avengers movie, Geeky fragrance producers JADS International has announced their line of Avengers-themed cologne. Now you can make your boyfriend smell like a hero ;)

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